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Tribal Tantric Woman Retreat Level 1 | May 15th - 19th 2019 Osho Leela UK

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Women Unite and Shine

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Shamanic Woman

About Shamanism

Shamanism is the natural wisdom and healing that has been taught and lived over millennia. It is the religion of the earth that honours all living things and teaches through personal experience. We have used this term Shamanic Woman to symbolise our natural state of knowing who we are and what we are here to do. The journey of self discovery is not to be taught, only supported. In our natural state, we are deeply rooted in the earth, we follow the wisdom of our bodies and we know where we are going.

SHAMANIC WOMAN in modern life aims to create a bridge between the wisdom of nature and our daily life in the 21st century, recovering our inner knowledge, connected with the cycles and rhythm of nature and our sensuality, sensitivity, love and vision as contemporary women.

Unlike traditional Shamanism we do not uses plants as medicines in SHAMANIC WOMAN. We use the medicine of song and dance, meditation and prayer, ceremony and ritual.

Do you want to live in freedom, prosperity and delight?

In SHAMANIC WOMAN you will feel proud to be a woman. Every day you cook the food, you take care of the children and the house, plus you work a lot in your office or business and of course you have to be young for ever, attractive and so on and so on. Sounds like to be a woman is hard work. Anger and frustration builds up and needs some expression. In SHAMANIC WOMAN you have the opportunity to express yourself fully.

The only way forward is to free yourself from the past and give it a creative dimension in your future. We use Ancestrology in SHAMANIC WOMAN to become conscious of the patterns, inhibitions and fears we inherit through our motherline and heal them. You have all the potential to grow and express your talents as a mystic, poet, painter, healer, scientist, mother, dancer and more, enhancing your whole world with prosperity and light. As you let go of a conditioned way of Being, life becomes richer with new dimensions to be and express yourself.

Are you honoring the female values of collaboration, friendship and intuition?

We learned competition instead of collaboration, envy and jealousy instead of genuine admiration and inspiration for other women´s talents and beauty.

We lost the connection with our intuition in the past when they called us a witch, burning lots of wise women on the fire.

In SHAMANIC WOMAN we respect each other as sisterhood, creating a magnetic field where you have your sacred place in this tribe, helping each other to shine, to dance, to celebrate our life. We meditate together to honour our bodies, sensuality, intuition and souls. We become one, one heart, one vision to rise in love individually and collectively. Our circle of love will help the whole world.

Could you blossom in your femininity and enjoy yourself more?

Who gave us any information about what it is to be a woman? Our mums, teachers, grandmothers…books and magazines? Many of us are still discovering what it is to be truly feminine. Some key words are vulnerability, beauty, love, care, sensitivity and receptivity. Then there is magic, intuition, mystery…

Stepping into these qualities is the blossoming of our femininity. Daring to love ourselves, feed ourselves with good food, anoint and take care of our bodies, say yes to pleasure, be still and quiet when we need, understand our menstrual cycle, sing, dance and celebrate the life we have. In SHAMANIC WOMAN we have a lot of fun together, moving, dancing, singing and laughing.

Making time for enjoying ourselves keeps us nourished and refreshed and ready to respond to all the demands of daily life. Being connected to nature, to other women, to people that inspire us; these things feeds us and help us blossom.

In SHAMANIC WOMAN, we create ceremonies and rituals that honour all aspects of womanhood, helping you delight in all that you are and celebrate your good self.

Would you like to attune with the cycles of life and reclaim your connection to nature?

In the name of modern life we lost our connection with the rhythm of nature, the seasons, our menstrual cycle and what they mean. Our ancestors knew how to follow these cycle of life. Celtic culture from the north and Native American Culture from the south, held this knowledge and lived in deep harmony with nature.

In SHAMANIC WOMAN you will reclaim your natural wisdom; you will learn about the four elements, the Moon Cycles, the power of the seasons. You will know how to integrate them in your modern life and thus feel a greater sense of balance and harmony through these challenging times on our planet.

Do you listen deeply to your natural intelligence and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH?

How many times do you shy away from speaking out when you see exactly what is going on in a situation? What level of compromise do you live with? In your heart, you know what is right, what is not right. In your guts you know the integrity of a situation. Your body knows and that deep sense of knowing, however quietly it reveals itself, is your natural intelligence. It is given by nature and you are here to live it. In SHAMANIC WOMAN you are surrounded by women who are listening and speaking up.

There are still barriers and layers of conditioning, both inside us and outside, that do not honour feminine wisdom and expression. However, we have to listen to our natural intelligence and we have to speak up, both for our health and for the health of the planet. As vulnerable as we may feel, with our open hearts, we bring the voice of love into the world.

SHAMANIC WOMAN supports your return to a natural state of Being and encourages your authentic voice, rooted in what you know to be true.

In SHAMANIC WOMAN we use the inspiration of EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER to root us in our natural state of Being. Each element gives us direction and offers a powerful reflection of our inner world.


Body, Roots, Tribe

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Spirit, Intuition, Soul calling

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Sexuality, Creativity, Expression

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Healing, Sensuality, Love

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Our vision at SHAMANIC WOMAN is to have a thriving online community of women, supporting you to shine and share your qualities in the world. A weekend of support is brilliant. Ongoing support is often what we most need.

Having completed a course, you become part of the SHAMANIC WOMAN online community and have access to resources from Tarisha and Ranjana to bring to your women’s groups, sharing or singing circles.

To begin with this will be a secret FB group. Here, there will also be access to many more songs that can be used for song circles, ceremonies, sweat lodges, gatherings and ideas for how to set up a women’s group in your area.