What you can benefit from being on a course with women.

It is easier to access your deep knowing as a woman when you are surrounded by other women in sacred space. We know things without needing to understand them and move into a space that isn’t so reliant on the intellect. There is nothing to prove. The natural wisdom of the feminine is intuitive, creative and full of love. It can be that we feel safer to embody this wisdom when we are together as women.

We encourage an atmosphere of total support for one another to be who we are; to drop insecurities, to drop comparison, to honour and respect each other’s qualities.

Deep into the earth - 2016

Tarisha's new CD is a weave of Shamanic chants with Divine songs of the heart.

It is deeply feminine, full of soul and honours the basic elements of life


Carry Me Home - 2008

When I met Manu, now my husband, he offered to make me a couple of tracks that would blow me away.

I am so glad we got there in the end...


All Your Faces - 2003

This was my first album which I produced myself as my first solo album.

It has 16 original songs gathered over many years from my experience of growing into womanhood.

"‘I've been listening to your album again today, and it creates a really nice space in the room. I'm impressed with the amount and the diversity of your material, and totally appreciate your devotion to music and women. Congratulations, Beloved. You have made a beautiful statement!" Deva Premal

Counselling/Therapy Sessions

Ranjana is available for individual session by Skype from anywhere in the world. She also offers an Individual Integrative Process, a series of eight or ten sessions. These sessions guide you to dissolve issues around relationships, inner child wounds, sexuality and self-love. Each session is a unique process and could include; counselling, emotional release, trauma healing, energy work and meditations methods. The aim is to connect you with your natural source of vital life. As everyone has a unique path, a key focus of Ranjana`s skills is to see you and adapt her approach for each individual..

Female Ancestrology Session

Based on morph field, somatic-emotional experience and native cosmo vision, Ranjana will guide an individual experience focused on the unburdening of old emotional patterns and trans-generational female conditionings of our original family aiming to leave you feeling more free, alive and rooted. This means recovering our natural love connection with our female lineage and ancestress receiving its strength and grounding ourself into The Mother Earth, “Pacha Mama” who gives us expansion, vision, abundance, sensuality, love and nutrition..

For more information or booking, please connect with Ranjana
Whatssapp: +569 98467513
Email: shamanicwoman.uk@gmail.com