Our weekends are connected to the Elements. See which Elements call to you. What do you need at this time of your life to come into greater balance and harmony? Which will support you to become a more natural, sensitive, empowered and awakened woman?

Tribal Tantric Retreat

Shamanic Woman Sweat Lodge

25th-29th July 2018 at Osho Leela | Tribal Tantric Retreat

with Tarisha and Ranjana | £350/£320 if booked in June

This is a fully residential weekend at Osho Leela | website: www.osholeela.uk

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In the presence of nature, all is one. We are called to live totally, expressing our sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality. In this 4 day retreat, we will reconnect with our womb power, our open heart, experiencing who we really are in our true nature. Woman Alive!

An orgasmic journey through the Tantra Map for women into the bliss of being YOU – a sensual, sexual, sensitive, loving, abundant woman, Your body is your temple! Together we will delight in our bodies and hearts through dance, exercise and deep self-intimacy; connect with our womb power through the sacred sweat lodge; share our gifts through inspirational creative processes and celebrate our sisterhood with a wild Tribal Tantric party. If you need to release any remnants of repression, condemnation and shame of being a fully alive sensual woman, join us. If you simply want 4 gorgeous days to yourself to remember your freedom, join us

What will we do?

  • Reconnect with our body as a temple
  • Spend a lot of time in nature receiving support from the 4 elements
  • Unlock our life force by releasing repression and shame stored in our body
  • Become innocent again in our sensuality and sexuality
  • Reconnect with our womb power
  • Learn how to manifest what we want in our lives from a positive position ‘I am ready to receive what I want’.
  • Connect with our self love – when you love yourself you allow yourself to be free andwild and accept whoever you are. If you don’t you will try to behave the way society want to you to behave. When you love yourself you have dignity.
How will we do it?
  • Participate in a sacred sweat lodge
  • Be in the beautiful grounds of Osho Leela
  • Tribal sharings
  • Inspirational processes for creativity
  • Tantra Dance
  • Learn the Tantra map for women
  • Wild Tribal Tantric party

There will be the opportunity to camp for part or all of the retreat to immerse yourself in the beautiful grounds of Osho Leela. Place: Osho Leela

To book please contact Osho Leela | website: www.osholeela.uk

SHAMANIC WOMAN – Earth & Water

  • Earth
  • Body
  • Roots
  • Tribe
  • Water
  • Healing
  • Sensuality
  • Love
Dance a tribal meditation and sing your heart open. Awaken your sensuality and enjoy your body again through movement and touch. Reconnect with ancestral female love through Ancestrology, unburdening your self of old emotional patterns and conditioning. Express your emotions freely and let go. Feel the support of a new tribe.
To book please email shamanicwomanuk@gmail.com
Photo By: Phil Hinton


  • FIRE
  • Sexuality
  • Creativity in Action
  • Expression
  • Honouring your Gifts
  • Collaboration
  • Vulnerability
  • The Rattle
  • AIR Spirit
  • Opening your Intuition
  • Connect with Soul
  • Synchronicity Law
We are intuitive. Many women have intuitive powers and keep them hidden. Are you ready to listen and follow your deep soul calling? In the space opened up by the AIR, we relax into who we are beyond the mind and come home to our feminine wisdom and mystery.

With the FIRE we awaken our passionate, creative selves and celebrate who we are and what we are here to do.

Bookings via www.osholeela.uk


Weekends cost £230 unless advertised otherwise.

This includes all food, accommodation and materials.

Returning SHAMANIC WOMEN get a reduced price.

Please contact us via our email shamanicwoman.uk@gmail.com

We will then give you details on how to pay and our terms and conditions.
Each course is limited to 18 participants.

TO BOOK email us on:



45 minutes from King's Cross on the Metropolitan line.

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