Photo By: Robin Shaw

Tarisha Seligman

Tarisha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and creative composer using music for meditation and transformation. Through her experience of healing from breast cancer 6 years ago, she has become a medicine woman, using singing as medicine, developing a natural healing modality called ‘Elemental Healing’.

She is a meditator, mother, and long term member of the Osho Leela community in Dorset, balancing being in the world as a musician and healer, with intimate life in the community.

Tarisha is a high priestess of the earth, running groups, ceremonies and healing sessions with nature as her guide. Her passion has always been working with women to support the re-emergence of feminine power and love on the planet. Many of her songs reflect this journey and have been sung all over the world.


Ranjana A. Pomar

Since an early age, Ranjana experienced a profound quest for meditation; in 1988 she learned about Osho, an Indian contemporary Master. Since then, she lives and shares Osho’s Vision through Active Meditations and therapy-meditative processes, such as Mystic Rose and No Mind. She belongs to the Osho Multiversity Facilitators Team and session givers. Ranjana is co-creator and Director of Osho Centro Activo in Santiago, Chile.

She has travelled around the world, enriching her life experience from different cultures. Along her journey, she has met diverse mentors, having been trained in neo-shamanism, Family Constellations, Trauma Healing, Breathwork and Tantra Essence.

Her Shamanic Path started in 1993 in Cóndor Blanco, an organisation from the South of Chile. She also took part in Lakota ceremonies such as Vision Quest and Temazkal (sweat lodge). Ranjana is a “Pipe Porter” and has the honour to lead Temazkal Ceremonies.

Now Ranjana is involved in the SHAMANIC WOMAN project and the Tribal-Tantra system which joins Tantra with nature. She has been sharing her work for 16 years mainly in North, Central and South America, Spain, France and India.

What brought them together?


Ranjana came to stay at Osho Leela in Spring 2015 and shared her experiences of life in the Andes with Tarisha, urging her to run a sweat lodge while she was visiting. It began a whole process where the eagle of the North met with the condor of the South and their work together began with a sweat lodge at the summer solstice. There a clarity came that they would share their skills and run SHAMANIC WOMAN together.

All colours red and white
All colours black and yellow
We weave the sacred whole
We sing and dance as One